Government Affairs Council

The Government Affairs Council of the North San Antonio Chamber serves as an advocate for Member businesses and their employees before municipal, county, state, and federal officials on political policy issues impacting the economic growth, quality of life, and financial health of local industries.  The Government Affairs Council informs and educates Members on proposed initiatives, policies, and legislation which may affect the way business in San Antonio is conducted. Through a direct link to business, political, and civic leaders, the Chamber may take an action-oriented position to support legislative issues and influence public policy.


Council Chair

Joe Irizarry
Joe Irizarry
Raba-Kistner Consultants, Inc.


The North San Antonio Chamber Committee on Infrastructure monitors and suggests necessary changes or improvements regarding roads, drainage, and other infrastructure issues in San Antonio.


Infrastructure Committee Chair

Jim Koenig
Jim Koenig


This Committee is instrumental in planning logistics, securing sponsors, and assisting with marketing for these two annual events.


State of the County Address

The Annual State of the County Address is a collaborative event in which County priorities are addressed by Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff.  Judge Wolff touches on business, education, and innovation, with a focus on Bexar County’s emerging tech and cybersecurity industries.

Click here to view photos of the 2017 State of the County Address

Mayor’s Vision for San Antonio

Mayor’s Vision is an annual luncheon program hosted by the North San Antonio Chamber featuring a keynote address by the Mayor of San Antonio.  The Mayor will update attendees on the upcoming focus issues and priorities.

Click here to view photos of the 2017 Mayor’s Vision Luncheon